Frequently Asked Questions


Where on the Redondo Beach Pier is fishing allowed?

Areas where fishing is allowed are clearly marked with signage in the Southwest section. Please observe all signs and help keep our Pier clean.

When are there concerts on the Redondo Beach Pier?

The Redondo Pier Association sponsors the Summer of Music Summer Concert Series on the Redondo Beach Pier during the months of July and August each year. Concerts typically begin at 6pm and last until 8pm. For a schedule of performers, visit the Redondo Beach Pier Events page here. To apply to join the Summer Concert Series, contact the Redondo Pier Association by sending an EPK via e-mail here.

Can I have an event at the Seaside Lagoon?

Yes, the Seaside Lagoon is available for rental as an event venue. Contact the Community Services Department is the department’s general email address.

Who painted the Whaling Wall seen on the west side of the AES Power Generating Facility?

The world-famous artist Wyland painted Whaling Wall 31 here in 1991. In 2011, Wyland updated the Whaling Wall in honor of the 20th Anniversary.  The Whaling Wall can be seen on North Harbor Drive at Marina Way.

How can I open a business at the Redondo Beach Pier?

One can enter into business at the Pier only after obtaining the City’s permission. For information about available space, contact the appropriate master leaseholder/representative below.

Redondo Beach Pier – Upper Pier Plaza, International Boardwalk and 200 Fisherman’s Wharf Building contact Brian Campbell at 424-237-2582 or click here for more information

Redondo Beach Pier – 100 Fisherman’s Wharf Building call Jim Cruz at (310) 337-7075

Redondo Beach Pier – 112 Fisherman’s Wharf Building call Regina Fong at (310) 376-3416

Can I swim “inside” the “horseshoe” of the Redondo Beach Pier?

This is a popular question since sand has returned to the inside of the Pier. Because there is no lifeguard, however, swimming or wading is not permitted in this area. In fact, because access to this area of sand can be treacherous, the public is not allowed to climb down to the sand, as well. A clean, safe beach is available just south of the Redondo Beach Pier.

What are the hours of the Redondo Beach Pier?

The Pier itself is open 24 hours a day for walkers, fisherman, and business patrons. The shops and restaurants will have varying hours; some opening early in the morning and some open as late as 2am.

How much does parking cost at the Redondo Beach Pier Parking Structure?

Parking Rates:

Pier Parking Structures
$2.00 per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

Redondo Beach Marina
4th of July, $20.00 flat rate

Alternate parking includes nearby metered parking in the surrounding area.

Can I offer goods for sale at the Farmer’s Market along South Harbor Drive?

For more information on the Farmer’s Market, call (310) 540-0722.

Can I walk my dog on the Redondo Beach Pier?

For safety and maintenance reasons, dogs are not allowed on the Redondo Beach Pier. You may want to visit the Redondo Beach Dog Park.

Can I ride my bike on the Redondo Beach Pier?

For safety reasons, bike riding is not allowed on the Redondo Beach Pier. The Bike Path lies nearby and plenty of bike racks are available for public use on the Pier. Please walk your bike on the Pier.

Can I sell something on the Redondo Beach Pier?

One can only offer goods or services for sale in the Pier and Harbor areas if permission from the City’s Waterfront Department is first obtained. You must also have the City’s permission to occupy square footage inside a shop within the Harbor and Pier areas. Please contact the City’s Waterfront Department at (310) 318-0631 for more information.

Does the City offer a discount for residents to use the boat hoist?

Yes. Residents (with proof of residency and boat registration) can obtain a coupon book good for discounts at the Waterfront department. The coupon book contains ten (10) coupons for weekday use and five (5) coupons for use on weekend days. Each coupon can be redeemed for a $10 discount against the charge for using the hoist. Coupon books can be purchased at the Waterfront Department counter inside Door “3” at City Hall. Boat hoist coupons can be purchased at the Redondo Beach Marina Office at 181 N. Harbor Drive; 310.374.3481

What are the hours and cost of the boat hoist at Basin III?

The boat hoist is privately owned and operated. Call Redondo Beach Marina at (310) 374-3481 for more information.

Can I play music on the Redondo Beach Pier?

There are two ways to legally play music on the Redondo Beach Pier. In the summertime, the Redondo Pier Association sponsors FREE concerts on Thursday and Saturday evenings. The concerts generally run from 6pm to 8pm during the months of July and August. A schedule of performers can be viewed on the Redondo Beach Pier Events page here.  For more information about the Redondo Pier Association’s Summer Concert Series, or to submit a band for consideration, send an EPK via email here.

For less organized and solo acoustic acts year-around, one can obtain a Pier Entertainer’s Permit from the City’s Waterfront Department to play at certain points along the Pier and Avenue of the Arts and Crafts.  For more information about the Pier Entertainer’s Permit, call the City’s Waterfront Department at (310) 318-0631 or send an e-mail.

Who owns and maintains the land west of Harbor Drive?

The City of Redondo Beach owns all of the land west of Harbor Drive from the border with Hermosa Beach on the north to the Redondo Beach Pier (roughly Torrance Blvd.) on the south. The City also owns the parcel at the northeast corner of Harbor Drive and Beryl Street (where the Redondo Hotel is located). While the City owns the land, the City is not necessarily responsible for leasing or maintaining all of this land. Much of the land is ground leased (the City is only responsible for the ground) to private entities on a long term basis. For a graphical representation, visit the Waterfront Department’s Maps page or call us at (310) 318-0631.

Can I have a wedding on the Pier?

No organized event with dedicated, reserved space can take place on the Pier (or any other City property) without the City’s prior approval. If you do not restrict public access in any way, you may gather at the Pier as a group and have your wedding, recognizing that others may join you.

What’s the current weather along the waterfront?

The Weather Channel

Do I need a fishing license to fish from the Redondo Beach Pier?

No, you do not need a license to fish from the Redondo Beach Pier. State law allows for free public fishing from pier structures. Please consult California’s Department of Fish and Game as to when you need a permit to fish.

Can I barbeque on the beach?

No, fires and barbeques are not allowed on the sand in Redondo Beach.